How to make extra money from home while on maternity leave👶🏻👼🏽🤱🏼🍼

1. Write a blog focusing on the keywords for your product

Many mums, myself included, start a blog while on maternity leave. Here's my first travel blog I made for my parents and my rowing partner. A great way to start is with a Wordpress website. I love using the templates by 17th Avenue designs because they are super girly and all they need is your words.  To start monetizing your blog watch my keywords mini-training here.


2. Sell other peoples stuff for a commission

Joint ventures with other companies are a great way to reach a wider audience.  Choose a company that already has your ideal customers on its database.  eg if you sell baby clothes then you could collaborate with a business that sells toys or children's books.  You can start a collaboration by offering a gift for your partner's email list.  Our local soccer club has collaborations with the local pizza shop.  Each week every child's team receives a free mini pizza voucher...

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How to create a system to manage your bills and stay on top of your GST every month

Bills. What a drag seriously or not?

Managing bills when running your own small business can take forEVER.  And when EVERYONE wants your attention

you can fall behind on your taxes.

The solution ...a simple app on your phone.  I'll take you through how they work and what they do for you.

Bye-bye prehistoric spreadsheets

Gone are the days when you need to track all your tax deductions through an Excel spreadsheet. yay!


Use an app to effortlessly record and categorize your tax deductions.  Apps like Xero and Receipt Bank allow you to photograph a supplier invoice or tax receipt for tax purposes.  This can then be matched to the transaction on your business bank account (this is what's known as a bank reconciliation.....yawn right?) inside your Xero accounting software.

Why use a phone app to store your tax deductions

1. It's fast.  Taking a photo of your bill is faster than typing in all the details by hand.

The app will take...

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Starting a bookkeeping business working from home

"Literally, every single business in the world needs a bookkeeper.  It might as well be you!"

17th Avenue - Feminine & Stylish Wordpress Themes

If you’re ready to find a new career working from home, on your schedule, a bookkeeping business could be the answer. 

Here's an overview of what you need to know before making the commitment.

1. What is bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is the process of summarising and categorising business transactions into reports for business decision making and for lodging mandatory tax returns as required by Taxation Law and Corporations Law.

Bookkeepers do most of the day to day transaction processing for small businesses, like collecting income and paying and recording supplier bills, while accountants are more inclined to focus on the income tax preparation, preparing GST Business Activity Statements and making the end of financial year adjustments. 

Before you decide to open any business you must know the numbers.  Writing out a business plan is a great first step.


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How to have a glow up and change your life

There is a life out there where you can have it all.  It takes time and it takes endurance, but every woman can have a career, a relationship, and a family all together. Here are the key ingredients I'm working towards every day.  Join me.

1. Becoming your best self starts with accepting yourself.

The way you look and where you are right now in your career and personal life.  Some things just are.  Other things can be changed.  Stay aware of what is 100% true and what may be a belief you picked up through your life from someone else.

2. Decide to be confident

Learning a skill and becoming competent in that skill will help you become more confident.  We’re not born confident.  We must decide to be confident and decide to turn emotions into a feeling that can coincide with being a confident person.  E.g. When I host a live webinar sometimes my mouth goes dry and I stumble with my words as I see more and more people entering the Zoom...

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More free time for working women made possible with a capsule wardrobe

capsule wardrobe May 12, 2020

It's not often I talk about my wardrobe but right now I think there's a huge opportunity for all women out there to capitalise on curating the wardrobe staples that will see them through the next few years and even the end of the decade.

During COVID I've spent some time watching fashion shows on YouTube and my inbox has been full of promotions for work from home outfits and the like and so I've decided to update my look with a few new staples that'll see me through the next few months and years hopefully.

I was only aware of capsule wardrobe enthusiasts back in 2014 when I read Marie Kondo's book, "The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying up" and I went on a purge of all the outfits that no longer suited my colouring, my shape or that simply lay in the back of the wardrobe joyless.

The thing is we weren't brought up to dress from a small select few keys items. Marketing can easily persuade us to follow seasonal trends.  This is where the fashionista can easily end with a...

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How to get stuff done working from home. Tips to grow your confidence and productivity.

Whether you’ve always worked from home or you're practicing social distancing my golden rules for productive and satisfying days from the home office include the following: -

1. Declutter your workspace

Decluttering all the piles of paper and objects in your workspace is important before embarking on a new work project.  Clutter can make you feel unmotivated and distracted from what you should be focusing on and so, therefore, I find having a clean and tidy workspace is essential to boosting my levels of output while working from home. 

17th Avenue - Feminine & Stylish Wordpress Themes

As a bookkeeper for dozens of restaurants in the past, my kitchen table became a complete nightmare of receipts and papers until I was introduced to Receipt Bank.  Receipt Bank is my go-to tool for eliminating the clutter and helping reduce the number of paper invoices my clients print.  It's wholly based in the cloud so our suppliers can email PDF invoices saving on unnecessary paper. Marie Kondo is my go-to...

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How to catch up on your business taxes without giving away your weekends.

If you've fallen behind on your taxes and just need to get the dang thing done already, this is the day!

You’ve got this and we’re not going to let you waste another weekend getting nowhere shuffling papers.  There are kids to feed, cakes to bake and that book chapter to write… well, at least one day.

Here are the 3 parts to catching up on your business taxes.






So the end goal is for your business tax return to be filled out and lodged with the taxation office. 

If you’re an Australian lodging your own tax return this will need to be done before the 31st October.  If you’re using a tax agent or tax accountant in Australia then they may be able to get an extension for you. It’s best to find a tax agent before 30th June so they can add...

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Working from home seems like a luxury but when your workspace is messy it can make you

feel stressed and not in control. Making sure your office space is fresh and organised can
completely change the way you work and give you new energy about getting things done.

Here are our tips to help you and your office shine!

17th Avenue - Feminine & Stylish Wordpress Themes


Your desk will be the place you spend most of your day, so it won’t take long before it’s filled with unnecessary clutter.

We try to avoid it, but it’s too easy to leave folders, old mail and stationery lying around, so make sure you stay organised by knowing where it all belongs.  Keeping a cluttered workspace will distract you and hinder your productivity. This leads us to our next tip.


Chances are, most of the clutter left on your desk is there for a reason and you can’t throw it out. What’s the best way to deal with it all?  Categorise specific boxes so you aren’t left...

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28 Days To Your First $1000 online

If you’ve ever wanted to sell online courses or have your own online business teaching others what you know, this may be the fastest way to get you there.

In our digital world today there’s no denying that we’re constantly bombarded with distractions.

Do this!

Do that!

Oh no no no. Try this instead!

It’s easier now than ever to get pulled in different directions and look back weeks, months, or even a year from now and feel frustrated at your lack of progress towards your dream business.

Well like I said, what I’m sharing with you today may very well be the fastest and most effective path to finally get you where you want to be. At least when it comes to selling digital products online.

If you didn’t know I use a platform called Kajabi for everything from my website and email marketing, to making sales and fulfilling my products.

Kajabi’s known as the #1 Knowledge Commerce platform for digital entrepreneurs who want to teach others online.


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You can do it! Fresh dinners for busy mums.

Meal Planning Options

Simplicious Flow, Nigella Express, Your Dinner Is Planned, The Green Grocers Diet…oh my! There’s so SO much I love about food and cookery books. I’m crazy about the way I use cookery books as a source of reading pleasure as well as practical solutions to that ominous question every night, “what’s for dinner?

My one true passion in life is baking, as inherited watching my mum make profiteroles and custard creme, a Vietnamese sweet tradition.

Nowadays flicking through my cookbook collection, for me, is a self-pleasing escape I enjoy when I go down the #whatcanwebake rabbit hole with my kids. [Quietly encouraging them to request something I WANT to satisfy my sweet tooth without taking all the blame for the 9000 calories about to be greedily devoured!]

Honestly, there are days though when getting dinner ready makes me want to lay down and start sobbing. In those moments of #NotHappyJan the Your Dinner Is Planned...

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