How to make extra money from home while on maternity leave👶🏻👼🏽🤱🏼🍼

1. Write a blog focusing on the keywords for your product

Many mums, myself included, start a blog while on maternity leave. Here's my first travel blog I made for my parents and my rowing partner. A great way to start is with a Wordpress website. I love using the templates by 17th Avenue designs because they are super girly and all they need is your words.  To start monetizing your blog watch my keywords mini-training here.


2. Sell other peoples stuff for a commission

Joint ventures with other companies are a great way to reach a wider audience.  Choose a company that already has your ideal customers on its database.  eg if you sell baby clothes then you could collaborate with a business that sells toys or children's books.  You can start a collaboration by offering a gift for your partner's email list.  Our local soccer club has collaborations with the local pizza shop.  Each week every child's team receives a free mini pizza voucher for the player of the day.  My boys love the pizzas and of course, my husband and I get a pizza while claiming a free mini pizza for the children.

3. Get people to sell your stuff for you

If you have a product whether it's physical or digital, you can ask others to sell it for you for a commission.  For mummy bloggers, you may want your products to reach more people by announcing them on other people's blogs and podcasts.  There are agencies that will find you podcasts to guest appear on.  Artists will leave their art in galleries on consignment.  They get paid AFTER the gallery sells the piece for them.  Kajabi is the online platform I use for offering affiliate commissions to partners and vice versa for digital products.

4. Use advertising pixels and retargeting warm traffic from your website

A pixel is a tracking device that tells Facebook who has visited your website.  This means when you create a Facebook or Instagram ad you can send the ad to people who have visited your website, even if they didn't make a purchase or join your newsletter.  Our Blissful Bookkeepers program includes a bonus mini-training so you can create a Facebook ad for conversions using a pixel.  It helps make advertising more economical.

5. Create digital products, courses, downloads, books

Adding new revenue streams to your existing business can take time to set up but once they are done your focus will then shift towards generating traffic towards your blog.  Today online business includes digital downloads, courses, books, and images that can be accessed instantly and payment is processed automatically on the cloud.  Payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe allow you to do this and even a simple URL with a Leadpages account could be all you need.  Please don't spend $20k on your first website.  Get going with Leadpages first or a Wordpress site.

6. Start a virtual service business

This is what I did.  I used to work full time as an accountant until I was 37 weeks pregnant!  I thought I'd have 3 weeks to kick back before the baby came but both my boys came two weeks early!  As soon as I took my baby home I knew I didn't want to work full time again.  I was lucky to find work from home as a bookkeeper for an accounting firm and then I trained with a KPMG Bookkeeping firm to become XERO certified.  The rest is history.  Since 2011 I've been growing an online virtual bookkeeping business and educational digital product library for virtual assistants and virtual bookkeepers.  If you're an accountant on maternity leave looking for a new lighter workload when the baby comes then take my free online course.  You can also watch my guided masterclass 10 Steps To Writing Your Business Plan.  It comes with a free printable workbook too.


7. Prevent revenue leaks with systems that can go to scale

Revenue leaks can come from missing processes.  Have systems for invoicing and debt collection.  Even before this happens though there needs to be an offer that your customer accepts.  So think about your terms and conditions and be SPECIFIC about what you will give your customer.  All the assumptions must be eliminated so the transaction makes both sides happy.  Uncertainty causes miscommunication and refunds.  When offering products or services be sure to specify what's included and what's not included.  Is there a cancellation or no show fee? How long do you give a money-back guarantee?

Do you have some more questions about starting a business while on maternity leave?  Email me your questions directly [email protected]


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