How to get stuff done working from home. Tips to grow your confidence and productivity.

Whether you’ve always worked from home or you're practicing social distancing my golden rules for productive and satisfying days from the home office include the following: -

1. Declutter your workspace

Decluttering all the piles of paper and objects in your workspace is important before embarking on a new work project.  Clutter can make you feel unmotivated and distracted from what you should be focusing on and so, therefore, I find having a clean and tidy workspace is essential to boosting my levels of output while working from home. 

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As a bookkeeper for dozens of restaurants in the past, my kitchen table became a complete nightmare of receipts and papers until I was introduced to Receipt Bank.  Receipt Bank is my go-to tool for eliminating the clutter and helping reduce the number of paper invoices my clients print.  It's wholly based in the cloud so our suppliers can email PDF invoices saving on unnecessary paper. Marie Kondo is my go-to decluttering guru.  She has a great website and books too, plus her NetFlix series is worth a watch if you want to be inspired. 

A while ago I downsized all my online subscriptions into an all in one platform called Kajabi.  After trying Teachable for my first online course I was introduced to Kajabi.  After attending online training with Amy Porterfield I saw Kajabi was much easier to navigate as well as helped me eliminate having multiple different products that weren't working together.

2. Update your skills

Focusing on your technique is more important than speed.  Learning the latest tools and techniques can make or break your working week.  Speed comes eventually as you know your way around your system better.  But working without systems or workflows of any kind can lead to unproductive weeks, months and years. A great business is one that has systems that can be delegated to the team.  Without the right systems and techniques, you'll find yourself wearing all the hats in your business until you reach burn out and feel like packing it all in.  You can do this. Just take a step back and ask yourself "what tool or technique can I implement to resolve this recurring issue that I don't find joy dealing with?"  

3. Specialize

Becoming a specialist in one field helps you generate more leads because you are now known as the go-to person for xxx, rather than the person who dabbles in xy&z. Since becoming a Xero & Receipt Bank specialist, my personal productivity has increased at least 5 x and having all my work on the same systems makes reconciliations a breeze.

4. Decorate your desk

Invest in some cute stationery and yes, it's an important investment because writing your business plan on paper allows more creative ideas to flow.  Every aspiring CEO needs to have a copywriting journal and some type of calendar to track promotional launches, tax deadlines and important anniversaries.  You can plan the year ahead by jotting down ideas for themes you want your next promotions to have.  This is fun. Launches bring in new subscribers to your email list which increased your future revenue.  Dedicating a week every quarter for a launch helps you concentrate your advertising budget heavily in those weeks before and during the launch too.

5. Schedule the important work.  Create before consuming content.

To make your clients wonderfully happy give them consistency and accessibility to you either via email or social media channels.  As a rough rule, I allocate specific days of the week for certain activities, so my clients know when to expect me to access their shops or online Xero files.  Routines don't need to be set in stone but they're a great idea if you're transitioning from being an employee to a self-directed home-based consultant.


6. Socialise online

Get social online so you're virtual shopfront always looks open.  Before a client will engage you to do work for them they'll be watching you online for a while to see if you're a good fit for their business.  So show yourself online and share some useful tips and shortcuts that can make your potential clients' lives easier.  They can then click on your link to book a consultation.  We use LeadPages for this.

Do you have any work from home tips to share? DM me @bluecloudbookkeeping so I can share your ideas on social media.



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