More free time for working women made possible with a capsule wardrobe

capsule wardrobe May 12, 2020

It's not often I talk about my wardrobe but right now I think there's a huge opportunity for all women out there to capitalise on curating the wardrobe staples that will see them through the next few years and even the end of the decade.

During COVID I've spent some time watching fashion shows on YouTube and my inbox has been full of promotions for work from home outfits and the like and so I've decided to update my look with a few new staples that'll see me through the next few months and years hopefully.

I was only aware of capsule wardrobe enthusiasts back in 2014 when I read Marie Kondo's book, "The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying up" and I went on a purge of all the outfits that no longer suited my colouring, my shape or that simply lay in the back of the wardrobe joyless.

The thing is we weren't brought up to dress from a small select few keys items. Marketing can easily persuade us to follow seasonal trends.  This is where the fashionista can easily end with a crammed wardrobe but still nothing to wear.

This is why curating a wardrobe that suits your style and with colours that suit your skin are so important. I had help from the lovely stylist, Deanne.

I heard somewhere that Barack Obama spent next to no time getting ready in the morning as he had a basic "uniform" shirt and trousers and low maintenance hair.

While you're probably not going to shave your head to save time in the morning, have you thought about how much time and money you spend shopping for clothes and then putting together your look each day?  What if instead, you gave yourself permission to take 20 minutes planning what would go with your existing wardrobe staples and then take a bit of a splurge or intentional online discovery adventure for that one thing?


So what do the professionals recommend for a capsule wardrobe?  The key pieces for a working woman's capsule wardrobe include,

  • Well-fitting dark wash jeans, without the labels and logos and bling.  I love J-Brand and Levis.  These can be worn just about anywhere with a change of top or a cami and a cool jacket.  Speaking of trousers, these black Cue trousers have been so flexible for years.  Pictured here with my little boy sneaking out of the pantry.  Superfast outfit for the day with my black boots.

  • A delicate cotton or silk blouse for meetings and Friday drinks with friends.   Also, great paired with your jeans and a wide leather belt.

  • A big handbag (plus a few smaller ones :), spacious enough for all your mummy snacks, pens, makeup, and notebooks for when you have a great idea while out and about.  (My gift to myself a few years back was a Velvetine Paris handbag I purchased from an up and coming mummy designer.)

  • A black leather jacket without the logos, great with a pretty floral dress and a basic grey T-shirt and jeans.

  • A navy jacket (I love mine from Marc) in a well fitted cut and beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.  Always looks fab and especially great for the monochrome head to toe navy look I love.

  • A luxe t-shirt in grey, white or black will help bring many outfits together while helping you dress fast in the mornings.  I found mine at Liam.  It's now so worn there are holes and it needs replacing.

  • Rounded man's shoes. I have some gorgeous pink and rose gold "man style" shoes that are fab for running to work in when I don't feel inspired for a high heels performance.

  • Ray-Bans. They make everyone look cool somehow and I love leaving mine in the centre console of the car.  It helps delay eye wrinkles!
  • Black Italian leather heels have always been my true love.  They're often hard to come by in my size but the endless search is one of life's adventures.

If you're inspired now to work on your wardrobe further I recommend following these gals over on Instagram. 

Caroline de Maigret

Camille Charriere

Emmanuelle Alt

Pip Edwards

Never feel guilty about investing in your wardrobe because your wardrobe is a reflection of you and others deserve to see your true style.  And planning your long term wardrobe will actually save you money and help reduce environmental waste from buying and disposing of clothes more frequently.  Instead, you'll have garments that will last years and therefore the value per use is lower! Happy shopping.  #dressItalian #eatlocal #dressAustralian #dressKiwi



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