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Be intentional about how you spend your money in the first 12 – 24 months of business. 

There are so many tiny details that determine the success of your small business. One incredibly important ingredient is your website. What does your dream website look like?? Are you a starting a blog, an e-commerce store, or a magazine website??

Start-up funds can be tight when you're building an online business.  

Chances are you Googled how to start a website. Prices from web designers can vary dramatically from hundreds to tens of thousands. So how do you get results from a start-up budget? Stick to a pay per month subscription when getting started so you can better manage your cash flow and the coolest thing about that?  Instead of scrolling looking at your favorite websites wishing and dreaming, take an hour to make it happen.  Tick off that milestone of creating an online presence so you can draw new people to your business every day consistently for years to come. 

How? By integrating search engine traffic with a professionally designed web page using Leadpages.

Today you’ll learn how to create an online presence for your business for under $500 that attracts traffic using search engines so you can economically get people landing on your website every day of the year, without overinvesting financially upfront. 

Behind the scenes peek? Oh HECK yes!  Before my current website was ready to launch, I used professionally designed web pages from Leadpages.  I started with Facebook Lives and included the link to my landing page inside the post.  The video above is a step-by-step guide so you can setup Leadpages and have an online presence for your small business for under $500.

In this video, you'll discover

  • how to create beautiful website pages with marketing ideas and templates ready for you to customize and publish fast
  • how to design a beautiful online landing page so your followers can join your email list, without delaying your launch any longer

Regardless of your skills surrounding how to market yourself, Leadpages will do the heavy lifting for you.  


To start a business from home making online sales be sure to position your business on at least one search engine. 

I’m about to let you off the hook — What DON’T you want to do for your business anymore? How do you free yourself up from unnecessary pressure? This year has been *quite* the ride for so many of us, and I think it’s okay to focus on our favorite things for the next few months. 

Choosing a social media platform that works for you is personal.  Where do you love to hang out?  And more importantly, where are your potential customers hanging out?  YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn……

The two search engines that have delivered real results for my email list growth have been YouTube and Pinterest. But if you're in the food and fashion industries you may perform better with a Shopify account and Instagram.  Do some research and ask industry leaders what's working for them.

Your five steps to creating your first web page are to 

  1. Start a 14 day free trial of Leadpages
  2. Create a Leadpage as shown in the video above
  3. Create a static (or video) post live on Youtube or Facebook
  4. Write a caption under your video including the link to your new Leadpages landing page
  5. Open a Pinterest account and start pinning.  Be sure to link your pins to your Leadpages page.

We’re in this together, friend, and we’re all doing the best we can—I’ll be here with pom-poms to cheer you on believing in you every step of the way. 

Start building your online business today with a 14 day free trial of LeadPages.

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