Starting a bookkeeping business working from home

"Literally, every single business in the world needs a bookkeeper.  It might as well be you!"

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If you’re ready to find a new career working from home, on your schedule, a bookkeeping business could be the answer. 

Here's an overview of what you need to know before making the commitment.

1. What is bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is the process of summarising and categorising business transactions into reports for business decision making and for lodging mandatory tax returns as required by Taxation Law and Corporations Law.

Bookkeepers do most of the day to day transaction processing for small businesses, like collecting income and paying and recording supplier bills, while accountants are more inclined to focus on the income tax preparation, preparing GST Business Activity Statements and making the end of financial year adjustments. 

Before you decide to open any business you must know the numbers.  Writing out a business plan is a great first step.


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Small business tips for virtual assistants

Tell me, ladies, do you want to become a virtual assistant or a virtual bookkeeper from home,

so you can start your own bookkeeping business and make money online even if you’re a beginner?

This is the life I’m currently living and I’ve had the same group of clients on average for 10 years. I’m now sharing my secrets on how to start an online bookkeeping business from home so other women out there can still grow their superannuation while caring for children and other family members.

…many of you already know I’m a WFHM who posts a ton about my business, and not infrequently about my epic baking adventures.

Since leaving full-time employment it’s become important to me to inspire and help other women grow their independence. My business classes give back the freedom to mums and isolated women in regional NSW to join in the community and be supported while starting their bookkeeping business. I’ve even supported remote accountants in...

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Marketing Strategy for Bookkeepers. Part 1

Marketing Strategy for Bookkeepers. Part 1

Today I’m introducing you to marketing strategies for bookkeepers. Right now I’m enjoying a spoonful of honey in my tea. Thanks Bob and Doris. I’m so grateful for the little bees who created this. Jim bought the honey from a roadside stall last week while traveling for work.

While having a table and chair on the side of the road may generate money for a hobby, having a marketing strategy is essential for business.

But what are the marketing strategies for bookkeepers that work? Over the next few weeks, I’ll be answering these questions live in the Blissful Bookkeepers private Facebook group so you can ask questions along the way and get real results.

But before we talk about marketing strategies for bookkeepers please answer a question for me. If your best friend was struggling with something right now, how would you speak to her? What could you do to make her feel better about...

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Freelance Marketing Ideas for Bookkeepers

Freelance marketing ideas for Bookkeepers. 

1. Know your keywords

There are keywords that your potential customers are using inside their search engine searches.  You can gather keyword data from the Google search bar, The YouTube Search bar, Pinterest ads, and Answer The Public.  It's then important to use your keywords in the title and description of your social posts and blog posts. Watch the video below for how to find your keywords and where to use them.

Download your free Pinterest Templates here.

Today's exercise will help you clarify the steps to finding your next bookkeeping client in 30 days. Make your plan on paper one morning this week before you read emails or look at social media. 

You may be completely freaked out when about to manage your own clients. But in the process, you'll discover you are capable. You can learn by asking questions, having a mentor, and copying the steps from...

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