Starting a bookkeeping business working from home

"Literally, every single business in the world needs a bookkeeper.  It might as well be you!"

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If you’re ready to find a new career working from home, on your schedule, a bookkeeping business could be the answer. 

Here's an overview of what you need to know before making the commitment.

1. What is bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is the process of summarising and categorising business transactions into reports for business decision making and for lodging mandatory tax returns as required by Taxation Law and Corporations Law.

Bookkeepers do most of the day to day transaction processing for small businesses, like collecting income and paying and recording supplier bills, while accountants are more inclined to focus on the income tax preparation, preparing GST Business Activity Statements and making the end of financial year adjustments. 

Before you decide to open any business you must know the numbers.  Writing out a business plan is a great first step.


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You can do it! Fresh dinners for busy mums.

Meal Planning Options

Simplicious Flow, Nigella Express, Your Dinner Is Planned, The Green Grocers Diet…oh my! There’s so SO much I love about food and cookery books. I’m crazy about the way I use cookery books as a source of reading pleasure as well as practical solutions to that ominous question every night, “what’s for dinner?

My one true passion in life is baking, as inherited watching my mum make profiteroles and custard creme, a Vietnamese sweet tradition.

Nowadays flicking through my cookbook collection, for me, is a self-pleasing escape I enjoy when I go down the #whatcanwebake rabbit hole with my kids. [Quietly encouraging them to request something I WANT to satisfy my sweet tooth without taking all the blame for the 9000 calories about to be greedily devoured!]

Honestly, there are days though when getting dinner ready makes me want to lay down and start sobbing. In those moments of #NotHappyJan the Your Dinner Is Planned...

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